Ray Owen Reserve

Project Justification

Ray Owen Reserve is a regional level reserve with a total area of 13.99 hectares. The site was originally developed in the early 1970s, with much of the infrastructure now coming to the end of its useful life. The reserve and its associated facilities have been at capacity for many years and the demand continues to grow rapidly.

The site is extensively used by a number of well-established clubs including AFL, cricket, BMX, basketball and netball. The collective membership of these organisations is above 4,000 with a large potion being junior members.

The reserve and associated facilities are currently at full capacity with clubs being limited in how they operate and are unable to expand. The basketball and netball associations are in high demand with teams having to train and play at other venues within the City. 

The City of Kalamunda identified the need and benefits of upgrading this regional level reserve and endorsed the Ray Owen Reserve Master Plan in 2015, acknowledging there is a shortage of active open space in the hills region and the facilities at Ray Owen Reserve are facing growing demand. 

The key factors providing the catalyst for the upgrade and improvement of the new facilities at this Regional Reserve include the following: 
  • An increasing number of requests from user groups to improve, upgrade or build facilities
  • Significant membership growth projected in team sports based  at the reserve, in particular netball, basketball and BMX
  • The ageing nature of the majority of buildings
  • Increasing usage demands on reserves negatively impacting surface standards.

Funding Breakdown

Four additional indoor basketball/netball courts and supporting facilities

Additional courts with new amenities include storage, change rooms  and an administration area.


Increased Active reserve turf space

The current surfaces will be replaced to provide first class facilities primarily focusing on AFL and cricket.


Power and Water supply upgrades

A power supply upgrade is required to allow new sporting infrastructure to be developed. An additional source of water is necessary prior to any turf expansion.


Car parking and access improvements

Car parking will be increased to provide adequate off road car parking for the new facilities with works including storm water management and drainage.


Other infrastructure

Relocation of playground, primary school courts and pathways and pavilion  and lighting upgrades.


Project Benefits

Implementation of the Ray Owen Masterplan will address current constraints of the site and make it a better place for sport and recreation activities. More members of the community will have access to the facility, and to the local clubs or activities on offer, ensuring it reaches its full potential as a regional sporting precinct.

This includes West Rise Basketball Association. West Rise Basketball is the only league for players with special needs in Western Australia. This project has made a significant impact on the lives of players, their families and carers – as well as promoting diversity in West Australian basketball, enabling acceptance and professional development of players.

As a regional open space, the reserve not only serves the 13 suburbs within the City of Kalamunda but also attracts users from a wider catchment area, extending beyond the City boundaries particularly residents within the Gosnells, Canning, Mundaring, Roleystone and Belmont areas.

How many jobs will the project create? 

  • Construction phase: 95 FTE
  • Ongoing: 3 FTE and 20 for umpires and canteen staff.

Contact Details

City of Kalamunda CEO, Rhonda Hardy
Phone: 08 9257 9999
Email: enquiries@kalamunda.wa.gov.au
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