Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex

Project Justification

Kingsway services more than 11 different clubs and their members, residents from Madeley, Darch, Landsdale and across the City of Wanneroo. It also accommodates visitors from the greater metropolitan area who choose to access the quality facilities on offer at this regional reserve. The ongoing development of Kingsway will help to cater for the growth in population within the City over the next 10-20 years.

The City is also making plans for the future construction of an aquatic play space at Kingsway next to an existing regional dinosaur park playground. In addition, the City aims to create an elite soccer facility within Kingsway to cater to higher level / grade soccer matches with increased lighting requirements for night games. The intention is to also provide year-round access for teams through the conversion of two of the pitches to artificial turf surfaces.

Financial assistance from the Federal Government will help the City in delivering the new facilities at Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex. This will enable the City to put ratepayer funds towards the planning of future regional and district open space provision, thereby meeting the needs of a growing and diverse sporting community.

Funding Breakdown

Wanneroo City Soccer Club change rooms


Kingsway aquatic play space


Kingsway elite soccer facility


Women’s change room and storage facilities (AFL)


Cricket and hockey change rooms and storage facilities


Project Benefits

The already established regional sporting complex is under pressure to accommodate the current and future demands of the local, regional and state sporting bodies and participants. Facilities such as change rooms and storage are urgently needed along with specific sport facility improvements. The proposed Kingsway extension will improve all of these aspects for current and future users.

Currently the venue accommodates 1.5 million patrons per year, equating to 4,100 patrons per day. With an expansion of the facilities, this number is set to potentially increase to 6,300 per day by 2036.

How many estimated jobs will the project create?

  • Construction phase: 19 FTE
  • Ongoing: direct 3 FTE, indirect 10 FTE

Contact Details

City of Wanneroo CEO, Dan Simms
Phone: 08 9409 5000
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