Butler North District Open Space

Project Justification

The City of Wanneroo is one of the fastest and largest growing local government areas in WA. The majority of growth is occurring in the northern coastal growth corridor (which includes the suburbs of Butler, Alkimos, Eglington, Yanchep and Two Rocks) with Perth’s next major Strategic Metropolitan Centre at Yanchep currently under development.

There are currently 82,000 residents living in the northern coastal corridor. By 2026 the population in these suburbs is forecast to increase to more than 138,000 and expected to grow by a further 50,000 residents in the following decade.

Based on these population figures, one active regional open space facility is currently required in the corridor. Over the next 20 years, two additional regional open space venues will be needed. By 2070, it is envisaged that up to seven facilities will be necessary.

Financial assistance from the Federal Government will help the City in delivering the Butler North District Open Space. This will enable the City to put ratepayer funds towards the planning of future regional and district open space provision, thereby meeting the needs of a growing and diverse sporting community.

Funding Breakdown

Overall project cost

The site will comprise two multi-purpose turf playing areas, a sports amenities building  and car park. It will also host 16 multi-use hardcourts, equipment storage, toilets and a kiosk. Additionally, a playground, path networks, barbeque facilities and associated passive park infrastructure are included.


Project Benefits

As a result of the rapidly growing population there is an urgent need for public open space in the Butler area. The district open space will allow families and children access to sport and leisure facilities without the disadvantage of travelling large distances to participate in sporting and other activities. Co-location with the primary and high school sites will eliminate the duplication of facilities, reduce costs and ensure the provision of well-planned and well utilised community facilities.

This will provide an array of social, health and economic benefits to the individuals living in Alkimos and the broader community as a whole, including;

  • Enhanced social inclusion and cohesion
  • Improved liveability 
  • Assists in recovery from mental fatigue
  • Enhances physical and mental health
  • Enhances children’s development and well-being
  • Environmental benefits of providing shade and cooling, contributing to stormwater management and urban heat abatement
  • Economic benefits - increased event hosting and attraction. 

How many estimated jobs will the project create?
  • Construction phase: 65 FTE
  • Ongoing jobs: direct 2, indirect 10

Contact Details

City of Wanneroo CEO, Dan Simms
Phone: 08 9409 5000
Email: dan.simms@wanneroo.wa.gov.au
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